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Frequently Asked Questions about ScarLess


A: All scars are basically treatable. However, the severity and age of a scar has to be considered. 基本上是没问题的, 当然还需要看他的情况而定.
A: Our ScarLess product is a topical cream and is absolutely safe to be used. The ingredients are 100% botanical based without any chemicals or preservatives. 我们ScarLess的产品成分是使用植物草药精华绝对安全。
A: Here is no pain during the course of a treatment. 请放心在做治疗过程中你是不会有疼痛感觉.
A: Our ScarLess treatment does not require any injection, oral medication, or surgery. Scarless is an easy and safe to use product suitable for any scars in general. 我们ScarLess祛疤是以不打针, 不吃药, 不动刀, 不用仪器进行治疗非常安全。
A: It takes averagely three months for a treatment, but this may vary for each individual. 需要看个别案例而定, 一般三个月左右。
A: Yes, we are confident that we can help treat keliod as long as you are prepared to be diligent with the continued treatment for approximately six months.  You will be able to see a significant and a marked improvement. 可以的, 没问题只要你愿意配合大概六个月左右就会有很明显的效果。
A: After diagnosing any scar, we use ScarLess to begin on the targeted area for treatment.  We will use different solutions to help in the treatment, to achieve the best results. ScarLess是针对性的来做治疗, 经过我们诊断后不同的疤痕我们会用不同的Solution来帮你做治疗, 而达到最佳效果。
A: Yes we do have case studies which you can also learn about on our website  You may also contact us directly for more information. 我们有非常多的案例, 你可以到我们的网站www.scarless.com去看, 或者可以直接联络我们.
A: Yes we would be happy to help you and you will see the improvement. 可以的没问题, 而且效果很明显。
A: We can help on the scar treatment, but it is recommended you seek an eyebrow professional as well. 我们可以帮你做疤痕治疗, 然而眉毛你需要找植眉专家。
A: If a treatment is disrupted or stopped, it will affect the result.  But also depends on the healing process of each person. 如果再做治疗过程中中断, 基本上是会影响效果的, 不过还要看每个人体质。
A: ScarLess scar treatment will not have any side effects or after effects, because our product is only topical. 做ScarLess的疤痕治疗是不会有任何后遗症, 因为我们的产品只是外敷。
A: Scarring is a skin and psychological trauma. It affects the appearance aesthetically, and could potentially be serious or even affect overall health. 疤痕是一种皮肤和心灵的创伤, 它影响外观, 如果严重甚至影响健康。
A: ScarLess consists of pure natural Chinese herbal medicine. Steroid is not a component of the medicine. ScarLess是使用纯天中草药, 当中是没有Steroids的成分。
A: You can contact us directly. 你可以直接联系我们.
A: Please contact our scar specialists to determine the product that best suit you needs, and then we will recommend the treatment suitable to your condition (e.g. control, dissolution, hygiene and flatness). 请联系我们的祛疤专家, 找到最适 合你的产品. 然后我们会以你的情况是在 (控, 溶, 生, 平) 哪一个阶段来给你做祛疤治疗.
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