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Alvin Loh

In 20 years of my career, I met a lot of good products and business opportunities, but all the opportunities are less a sense of mission (social responsibility), especially when I became an NLP executive it's more aware on importancy of social responsibility in our daily routines. The importance of this when I have the opportunity for the Scarless Treatment Products whereby this product makes me have a sense of mission (social responsibility), because this product is not just to help people with scars in appearance however can help those who had scars can overcome their hard feelings and even boost up the level of confidence and hope to people with skin scarring problem. I sincerely hope that everyone can turn to be confidence and attractiveness.

在我20多年的企业生涯中,当中遇到不少好的产品和商机 不过所有的机会都少了一份使命感(社会责任), 尤其当我成为NLP执行师的时候让我更加明白社会责任的重要性,当我有机会接触这个疤痕治疗产品的时候这个产品让我有着一份使命感(社会责任), 因为这一个产品不只是帮有疤痕的人在外观上甚至是在心灵上得到了很大的安慰, 但愿每个人都能被世界温柔地欣赏看待.

Alvin Loh's Biography

  • Malaysia Cosmetology Chamber of Commerce (PAMM) ~ National President 马来西亚美博总商会 - 全国总会长
  • Asian Beauty Chamber of Commerce (Malaysia Chapter ~ President) 亚洲美业联合总商会(马来西亚分会 - 会长)
  • ScarLess ~ Brand Founder ScarLess - 品牌创办人
  • Chinese United Beauty Development Association ~ Strategic Alliance Advisor 中華聯合美業發展協會 - 策略聯盟顧問
  • Scar Removal Expert ~ First in Malaysia 祛疤专家 - 马来西亚第1个
  • Malaysian National Instructor ~ VTO 马来西亚国家级教官 - VTO
  • 2020 JCI - Sustainable Development Award
  • Asia Beauty Coalition Sdn Bhd ~ Founder (1996) Asia Beauty Coalition Sdn Bhd - 创办人(1996)
  • 25 Years of Practical Experience in Corporate Management in the Beauty Industry 拥有25年美业企业管理实战经验
  • Beauty Trend Magazine ~ Celebrity Columnist Beauty Trend 杂志 - 名人专栏作者
  • NLP Certified Practitioner (International Certification) ~ Since 2009 NLP执行师(国际认证) - Since 2009
  • Acting as a Consultant for Beauty Companies and Brands. 担任美业企业和品牌顾问.
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