Type of Scars

How a scar it formed?

When the skin is traumatic regardless of trauma or surgery, as long as the wound deep dermis, human body will produce scar tissue, the wound recovered it's depend on human body healing mechanism is different, if the wound in the epidermis (0.2mm) it is a regeneration mechanism. The epidermis will grow in the same as the original tissue cells, so do not leave scars but when the cortical injury to the dermis, the healing mechanism belongs to the repair system, the body will produce scar tissue to connect to the wound, however after healed will be remained scar.


当皮肤受到创伤时不管是外伤或手术, 只要伤口深入真皮层, 人体就会产生疤痕组织, 将伤口连接起来. 因为人体对于伤口愈合的机制不同, 如果伤口在表皮层 (0.2mm)属于再生机制, 表皮会长出和原来一样的组织细胞, 所以不会留下疤痕, 然而当皮层伤及真皮层, 則癒合机制就属于修复系统, 人体会产生疤痕组织来连接结伤口, 而产生癒合后留下的疤痕.

Burn Scars烧烫伤疤

Caesarean Section Scar 剖腹产疤痕

Surgical Scar 手术疤痕

Traumatic Scar 外伤疤痕

Depresses Scar 凹陷疤痕

Hypertrophic Scar 增生疤痕

Pox Scars 痘印疤痕

Obesity Pattern 肥胖纹

Tattoo Scars 纹身疤痕

Our Fermentation Process

It was then being sealed in the pottery pot. All the pottery pots will be hidden in a 10-foot-deep basement with the constant temperature at 7°C to 8°C for 3 years before unseal to use...

ScarLess 的制造过程非常严谨。根据秘方监制,先将珍贵中草药调配,密 封在陶器缸内,藏于一个10尺深的地库里,温度维持7至8度,保存长达三年 过后,才可开封使用。。。

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