Testimonial – Stretch marks 妊娠纹


Elaine Goh, 25 Years old
I am very thankful throughout the entire journey with SCARLESS as I have managed to regain my self esteem - something that I have lost ever since pregnancy with those stretch marks. I am now confident enough to wear my favourite garments.

在整个治疗过程中,我非常感谢SCARLESS,因为我已经设法恢复了自信 - 这是我怀孕后因妊娠纹而失去的东西。我现在有足够的信心穿上我最喜欢的服装了。

May Chew, 36 Years Old
After having my son 5 years ago, my skin has never looked the same. I have also gained quite a bit of of weight so my stretch marks got so much worse. After trying SCARLESS stretch marks treatment... Such a reduction in my stretch marks! I'm very impressed. It is quite a few steps but I found it easy to follow easy to use, and I loved the results very much!

5年前生了我的儿子后,我的皮肤看起来 从未像现在这样。我也因此而增加了体重,所以我的妊娠纹变得更糟。尝试过SCARLESS妊娠纹治疗后......我的 妊娠纹减少了许多!这是相当简单的步骤,但我发现它 易于使用,我非常喜欢这个效果!


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